Projects at the Persuasive Tech Lab focus on how computing systems can be used to change human behavior.

  • Behavior Design

    The best design solutions today change human behavior. Yet despite decades of research, challenges remain for people who design to influence. First, “persuasion” seems a dirty word. It shouldn’t be. We ...

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  • Behavior Wizard

    The Behavior Wizard is a method for matching target behaviors with solutions for achieving those behaviors. It is a systematic way of thinking about behavior change. The Behavior Wizard expands the Behavior Grid and the ...

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  • Mobile Health

    The Persuasive Tech Lab looks at how mobile phones can be platforms for persuasion. In particular we are interested in how mobile devices can be used to improve the health of everyday people. We focus on what is really w...

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  • Peace Innovation

    The Peace Innovation Lab is an initiative from Stanford’s Persuasive Tech Lab.  Launched in Spring 2010, the PI Lab is focused on casting a spotlight on how technology and emerging social behaviors and insights are ...

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  • Archived Projects

    Over time the Persuasive Tech Lab has worked on many projects. We have selected several of our more popular, past projects to include in this section. These projects have completed or wound down and are no longer a main ...

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