We welcome the opportunity to share and discuss. There are many ways to connect with us. Join our mailing list. Fan us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Watch and share our videos on YouTube. View and share our presentations on Slideshare. And for more ways to engage with us, see the specific categories on this page.

  • Designers & Interventionists

    We’d like to help you understand persuasive technology and the new tools for persuasion. We can introduce you to a new model of behavior change and outline steps for designing persuasive experiences. You can get st...

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  • Teachers & Trainers

    Our lab endeavors to create frameworks and theories that are about helping people understand and measure what matters. As teachers and trainers we want to put the tools and resources we’ve created in your hands. He...

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  • Prospective Students

    If you’re a prospective student or already a Stanford student interested in the Persuasive Tech Lab’s work you can engage with us in a few simple ways: Read this website and the materials we’ve created Take...

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  • Researchers

    We realize our work can benefit with collaborations with researchers outside the Persuasive Tech Lab. Here are some simple ways we encourage you to collaborate with us. Read our work, and share your related work with us....

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  • Sponsors

    Supporting the Persuasive Tech Lab We welcome support of our lab’s work. We receive funding from national and international foundations and corporations. For more information, please email BJ Fogg. Individuals may also...

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  • Press

    We’re happy to talk with media people. Many of our lab members can speak with authority about technology and persuasion. The best way to get started is to read the information on this website. You’ll find the Abo...

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