We realize our work can benefit with collaborations with researchers outside the Persuasive Tech Lab. Here are some simple ways we encourage you to collaborate with us.

  • Read our work, and share your related work with us.
  • Tell us about your projects related to captology (we’re always in learning mode)
  • Share with us new material we may not have seen yet (please)
  • Please contact us to find out how to cite our unusual stuff
  • If you want to collaborate, read about partnership opportunities below
  • To stay updated on opportunities with our lab, join our mailing list

If you are interested in doing research with the lab at Stanford University, there are several ways this can happen.

For information about being a visiting scholar at Stanford, please read this information first. There is more here about the procedures for appointing visiting student researchers.

For researchers from outside Stanford, collaboration can happen with the Persuasive Tech Lab through an H-STAR partnership. For more information about this program and sample partnership agreements, please visit this page.

While these are the primary ways that you can do research with the lab, there may be other opportunities. Please email BJ Fogg with your specific interests.