People often wonder how they can learn more about captology and our work. The Persuasive Tech Lab has a variety of resources compiled here to help you get started.

  • Slides – Mobile Health 2012 Conference

    In May 2012, the Persuasive Tech Lab hosted Mobile Health 2012: Baby Steps for Big Change. We took a slightly different angle in 2012. Why? Because this method — rapid baby steps — leads to success in three areas: b...

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  • Slides – Mobile Health 2011 Conference

    Presenter Slides from Mobile Health 2011 In 2011, the Persuasive Tech Lab and CDC hosted Mobile Health 2011: What Really Works at Stanford University. With this event we brought together 400 people from grass roots and...

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  • Video: The Power of Comments on Facebook

    Psychology of Facebook: the Power of Commenting BJ Fogg discusses the “secret sauce” of social media and Facebook in particular: commenting....

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  • Article: New Rules of Persuasion

    This article written for the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) summarizes how to design for persuasion using today’s tools. The world of persuasion has changed rapidly over th...

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  • Article: Thoughts on Persuasive Technology

    by BJ Fogg, Ph.D. Director, Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University The world of technology has changed dramatically in twenty years. In 1993, I went to Stanford University to study how to automate persuasion. As a do...

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  • Paper: Mass Interpersonal Persuasion

    A new form of persuasion emerged in 2007: I call it “mass interpersonal persuasion” (MIP). This phenomenon brings together the power of interpersonal persuasion with the reach of mass media. I believe this new way to...

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  • Video: BJ Fogg discusses Simplicity

    In this video BJ Fogg discusses the six resources in his model of simplicity. They include: time, money, physical effort, brain cycles, social deviance and non-routine. Simplicity is a function of the scarcest resource a...

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  • Slides: What makes a website credible?

    Website Credibility These slides are part of a two-week curriculum on web credibility. There is also a step-by-step lesson plan that goes along with this. Download the curriculum here....

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  • Video: How Facebook Influences You (hot triggers!)

    Why is Facebook News Feed brilliant? It puts hot triggers in the path of motivated people. In this video, you will also see why some news feed content gets “liked”, while others cause frustration....

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