About the Persuasive Tech Lab

Hoover Tower at StanfordThe Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab performs research into computers as persuasive technologies and its ethical use. It is part of H-STAR, the Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute at Stanford University.

History of the Lab

The study of persuasive technology began at Stanford in the 1990s. As a Stanford doctoral student (1993-1997), BJ Fogg used methods from experimental psychology to demonstrate that computers can change people’s thoughts and behaviors in predictable ways. His thesis was entitled “Charismatic Computers.” BJ Fogg went on to found the lab in 1998.

Persuasive technology is now a global area of research and design. In the early days, the lab was doing research, conducting classes, and organizing events at Stanford.

Persuasive Technology Conferences

Learn more about persuasive technology

People often ask how they can learn more about captology. First of all, read the material on this website. After that, check out some of the items below: