The purpose of the Persuasive Technology Lab is to create insight into how computing products–from websites to mobile phone software–can be designed to change people’s beliefs and behaviors. Our major projects include technology for creating health habits, mobile persuasion, and the psychology of Facebook.

  • What is Captology?

    Captology is the study of computers as persuasive technologies. This includes the design, research, ethics and analysis of interactive computing products (computers, mobile phones, websites, wireless technologies, mobil...

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  • About the Persuasive Tech Lab

    The Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab performs research into computers as persuasive technologies and its ethical use. It is part of H-STAR, the Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute at Stanford Universi...

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  • About “BJ Fogg”

    Dr. BJ Fogg directs the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University. A psychologist and innovator, he devotes half of his time to industry projects. His work empowers people to think clearly about the psychology of persua...

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  • Contact

    Please feel free to contact the Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab. We appreciate your inquiries and feedback. We maintain an office on the Stanford campus but email is the best way to reach us. Persuasive Tech Lab H-STAR Inst...

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